In our daily life video is everywhere. Not only it is a very effective tool, it is also essential to your communication strategy. Today, images and videos are widely shared on social networks and are becoming as essential as a website. You want to highlight your company, show your customers the extent of your skills, value your products/services or simply immortalize events... HYPÉRIA FILMS has created its AZURÉAL brand to guarantee complete support, from the conceptualization stage to the exploitation of your project. A film is first of all a story, your story. That's why we value your individuality and force ourselves to adapt your presentation to your own unique personality... Our wish is to tell YOUR STORY! We can offer:

  • A wide range of videos formats: video clips, commercials, corporate films...

  • Special attention to the quality of image aesthetic and sound design.

  • Quality guaranteed content, both creative and commercial.

  • Projects adapted to your budget.

  • A professional team, competent and passionate!

  • Mobility, your projects can be produced anywhere, in France and internationally.

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Tell us your story...
A commercial presents a product or service. This production is intended to be broadcast, either on television, in the cinema or on the Internet.
An institutional film or corporate film is an internal or external communication film of a society, association, institution or group. It allows to communicate with customers or collaborators.
A clip, video clip or video clip is a short movie, made from a piece of music or a song. It is an indispensable production for the musician(s) and performer(s) because his goal is to put the artists and their music in light.
Reportage refers to the total media coverage of a particular topic or event, including news reporting and analysis.
A real estate video highlights a property that must be sold in an agency. The future buyer can better plan for it.
A wedding film completes the work of a professional photographer to immortalize precious memories.
In the audiovisual world, a recording is a video recording: live shows, concerts, plays, festivals, conferences...
A making-of is a documentary film about the shooting or production of a film or an audiovisual work (TV movie, TV series ...).
Advertising or products designed to appeal to a consumer by association with a desirable lifestyle.
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